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Adoption and foster care Adoption
Code of Practice for Accredited Bodies
Adoption applications
Suitability assessment
Adoption placement
Effects of adoption
Foster care
Useful links
Children's protection and welfare Children’s constitutional rights
Violence against children
Sexual abuse of children
Prevention of Child Pornography Ordinance
Legal proceedings against a child
Protection of child victims at trial
Protection against economic exploitation
Custody of children and guardianship
Education of children
Appendix I: United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child
Appendix II: Offences in the Crimes Ordinance relating to unlawful sexual activities performed on children
Crimes commonly committed by young people Unlawful sexual activities
Child pornography
Crimes relating to prostitution
Intellectual property offences and crimes on the Internet
Intimidation and blackmail
Violence offences
Triad related offences
Offences relating to dishonestly
Drug cases
Rights of youth as employee Laws protecting young workers
Children aged below 13 as employees
Children aged between 13 and 15 as employees
Young persons
Things to be aware of before signing employment contracts
Employees and self-employed persons
Protection of employees
Employment traps
Mandatory Provident Fund
Employment disputes


Anti-discrimination Introduction to the existing anti-discrimination ordinances in Hong Kong
The Equal Opportunities Commission
Sex discrimination
Disability discrimination
Family status discrimination
Race discrimination
How to complain
Consumer rights Consumer contracts
An overview of consumer protection
The Sale of Goods Ordinance
The Supply of Services (Implied Terms) Ordinance
The Trade Descriptions Ordinance
The Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance
Unreasonable exemption clauses and unfair contract terms
Online shopping
Channels for consumer complaints
Case illustration
Data subject of personal data The meaning of "personal data"
The six Data Protection Principles
Use of ID card numbers and ID card copies
Privacy on the Internet
Privacy regarding direct marketing
Complaints, penalties and legal assistance
Disputes with neighbours An overview of nuisance
Private nuisance
Statutory nuisance
Common types of nuisance: Noise
Common types of nuisance: Smoke, fumes and smells
Common types of nuisance: Animals
Common types of nuisance: Water leakage
Common types of nuisance: Water dripping from air-conditioners
Trespass to land
Indecent exposure
Peeping and secret filming
Privacy -- Closed Circuit Television
Domestic helper issues General
What the employer of a local domestic helper must know
What the employer of a foreign domestic helper must know: An overview
Basic requirement for employing a foreign domestic helper
The standard Employment Contract for foreign domestic helpers
Minimum allowable wage
Other employment engaged by foreign domestic helpers
Foreign domestic helpers can only perform domestic duties
Living and meal arrangements
Injury sustained by the foreign domestic helper
Termination of employment contract
Some other commonly envisaged issues
Domestic violence and assistance What is domestic violence?
Domestic and Cohabitation Relationships Violence Ordinance
Domestic violence acts: Possible fatal criminal offences
Domestic violence acts: Possible non-fatal criminal offences
Domestic violence acts: Possible offences contrary to the Crimes Ordinance
Domestic violence acts: Other offences
Roles and responsibilities of police officers attending domestic violence incidents
Personal legal action taken by the victim of abuse
Victims of domestic violence might be required to give evidence
Laws relating to pets What kinds of pets can be kept?
Duties of pet owners
What are my legal rights regarding pet shops?
Animal cruelty
Special arrangements for fighting dogs/dangerous dogs/guide dogs
Travel and pets
Stalking What is stalking?
Responding to the stalker
Possible criminal charges against a stalker under the Offences Against the Person Ordinance
Possible criminal charges against a stalker under the Crimes Ordinance
Possible criminal charges against a stalker under the Theft Ordinance
Possible criminal charges against a stalker under the Summary Offences Ordinance
Possible criminal charges against a stalker under the Public Order Ordinance
Possible criminal charges against a stalker for common law offences
Possible preventative action against stalkers
Civil procedures


Divorce General description of the legal consequences of divorce
Resolution methods other than divorce
Pre-conditions for divorce
Procedures and grounds for divorce
Matters affecting children
Financial matters
Matrimonial home
Flowchart for divorce in Hong Kong
Case illustration
Marriage and co-habitant issues An overview
Types of marriages in Hong Kong
Offences under the Marriage Ordinance
Nuptial agreements
Marrying non-HK residents
Benefits and welfare enjoyed by married couples
Transsexual marriage
Same-sex marriage / civil partnership
Surrogacy and artificial insemination Overview
Acts prohibited by the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance


Landlord and tenant Things that you need to know before signing a Tenancy Agreement or a Lease
How should the parties handle the signed Tenancy Agreement/Lease?
How to recover the outstanding rent and get back the property?
Regulations on using or occupying a leased property
Properties with mortgages
Repair/maintenance obligations
Terminating a tenancy before expiration
Landlord sells the property with existing tenancy
Renewal matters
Case illustration
Maintenance and safety of real property The Owners’ Corporation as an entity of collective responsibility
Third party insurance
Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme
Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme
Government subsidy, loan and/or grant
Common Area Repair Works Subsidy
Common Area Repair Works Interest-free Loan
Common Area Repair Works Hardship Grant
Third Party Risks Insurance Subsidy
Home Renovation Interest-free Loan
Home Renovation Hardship Grant
Subsidy in relation to the MBIS and MWIS
Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners
Building Safety Loan Scheme
Owners’ Corporation Formation Subsidy
Purchasing property together Overview
Joint tenancy
Tenancy in common
Division of assets following a divorce
Other scenarios
Redevelopment and acquisition of property Who undertakes redevelopment projects?
The Urban Renewal Authority
The URA-initiated redevelopment projects
Flat-for-flat Scheme
Demand-led Redevelopment Project (Pilot Scheme)
Facilitating Services (Pilot Scheme)
Land resumption
Compulsory sale
Intimidation tactics faced by property owners